Brain Yoga

Brain Yoga is a term I use for insightful processing while in Yoga poses.  Although postures – called Asanas- can be done without much thought – simply listen to your teacher and follow instructions – biology is still at work and the bodymind reaps many benefits.   

Some well known benefits are: strength in muscles; relaxation from stress; a calmer and healthier sense of well being.  Brain Yoga has the added benefit of affecting specific areas of the brain – actually changing the structure and re-wiring the brain connections.

Interception is the term for self awareness from the inside out.  Awareness of the feeling tones in the skin, muscles, bones etc.   By gently being cued to ‘mindfully’ witness the body’s action and sensation, the midbrain, also known as the limbic or emotional apart of the brain wakes up and connects with the pre-frontal cortex – the knowledge and speaking part of the brain.

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