Support Groups, Workshops & Retreats

Join me on Zoom once per month to explore your inner stories and share in expressive arts. Themes each month are: Sept-Renewal, Oct-Shedding, Nov-Forgiveness, Dec-Sanctuary

DrawDanceNow is a project that weaves together elements from the work by: Joel Gluck – psolodrama, Anna Halpern- Movement Rituals & Tampala, Dancing Mindfulness and Psychodrama. If your body spoke your song, what would it say?

Movement informs us of the ofttimes forgotten memories and emotions we carry. Being seen and witnessed by a non-judgmental, compassionate and supportive person can be very healing. The witness expresses their own response to the movement – through art-making; thereby not being separate from, but part of the process of communication.

Paypal: $15 per session – – please notate your name/email and for which session(s) you are paying. – Thank You!

Support Groups: InnerBeing Healing Arts offers Women a variety of avenues to build her community; through on-line short ‘pick-me-up’ invited zoom meetings;  specialized & closed  face to face numbered group sessions; or 1x monthly face to face open groups located in the Dallas, TX area.  Groups are focused on body-mind integration and educational formats; Expressive arts such as Psychodrama, Yoga, Dancing Mindfulness and Journaling are most often included.

1x monthly: temporarily suspended Support Groups are called:  IMPROMPTU THEATER: YamaDrama.  These groups are for Adult men and women to find clarity in their living and thinking. To embrace their powerful gifts and to use the tools of community, to foster inner strength and wisdom.     The sessions are loosely based on some of the Limbs of Yoga.   Ethical ideas such as:  no harm, no stealing, tell the truth, don’t attach too much and take the middle road. Groups run between 2.5 and 3 hours long on Sunday late afternoon.  There is a small donated fee for the groups- $25 * Groups are experiential and Educational  ~ they DO NOT constitute Therapy in any way.

ON-Line Zoom groups: temporarily suspended. These are experimental and experiential.  Brief psycho-educational theme, meditation and therapeutic yoga skill building,  brief non-specific sharing at end.   Session approximately 30 minutes long.   Please contact: to inquire about getting a zoom link.

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