About Tzivia

Hello, I am Tzivia Stein-Barrett, LCSW, E-RYT, CP, TIYT, LFY.  Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Practitioner of Psychodrama, a Registered and Yoga Teacher utilizing Heart Centered Holistic BodyMind approaches to wellness.

Being a holistic body mind integrative therapist, I use varied embodied psychotherapeutic methods.  Body Mind Integrative Therapy is an approach that uses a number of techniques when appropriate;  such as, Yoga positions to help people unlock and work with emotions held in the body;  Cognitive Therapy and Psychodrama to get in touch with and release deeply seated emotional and faulty thinking patterns.  The underlying goal of this work is to retrain the body and mind toward improving life through mental and physical health.

How I Approach My Work:
I see myself as a guide, encourager, supporter, engager, educator, and container of wisdom.   I look forward daily to meeting with people who are in touch with their suffering.  My own life journey has brought me many gifts from delving into my pains.  I am constantly upgrading my understanding and therapeutic skills, to help you in your healing. 

History:  I graduated from  NYU  with a Masters Degree in Social Work.  Throughout my career I have worked with adults from 18 – 80 in both the community and private sector. Areas of interest have been : Hospice, Grief, Trauma, Depression, Transitions in Life, Women’s Issues and am an LGBTQ ally.

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