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Self-Care RETREAT at OLIVER’S ESTATE.   $100 per person    /april 18 & 19, 2020

Playful ways to unburden fears; and shift stressful worry from your life!  Easy steps to shift old to new ways of handling Stress

Feeling stressed creates negative communication spirals, continues a negative self talk and lowers esteem,  over time  health deteriorates and you can’t breathe as easily;   Insomnia,  over eating, or drinking,  can stop you from feeling at ease.  Fears for the future and the unknown sneak in;  The body begins to change and break down.   Getting to it later,  worrying and over thinking doesn’t taking the stressful problems away.   Using the same old ways to deal with stress only prolongs the suffering.

What you will experience:  Mindfulness awareness of the present moment without judgements. Radical acceptance and wise mind.   Breathing techniques to calm nerve, and clear head,   body movements –shaking to reset nerve.  Stretches to balance and block anxiety.   Creating a wise mind (wise inner self)

By the end of this workshop, you will experience calm, have simple & effective ways to change your mindset, and find ways to boldly handle any problems that arise.     PLEASE CONTACT to get registration information.



Past CEU Workshops

 ROLE PARTS OF THE ANS – Soul Stories to Resource the Brain 

Through powerpoint lectures, hands on learning and practice: Partcipants gain  a deeper understanding of Neurobiology and how experience affects brain plasticity.  Through practice, learn how to help clients understand their stuck points and the many fasceted feelings and ideas about the concerns that they are dealing with.   Have fun, confir with new friends and explore your creativity with freedom; as you are supported in your efforts.  Objectives:   Understand Psychodrama’s effect on memory and Brain Plasticity.  Sharpen group socialization skills with engaging exercises of sociometry; Practice specific techniques of the inner voice – the Psychodramatic Double – to help your clients get deeper into emotions and self-knowledge.  Describe the uses of these skills in clinical work.  5-hour ceu for SW, LPC, LCDC, LMFT,  RYT $125   Click Here:  PAYPAL

Right Side Stories: Embodied Tales.    Research indicates that ‘Bottom Up’ practices assist in the resolution of deeply held memories that produce symptoms of emotional dis-ease.  It’s postulated that the right side of the brain, holds emotions,  while the whole body is a network of information that produces responses to this internal story.  Do you like to Explore the unknown? Learn to Use Movement, Art, and Drama in your work. Experience a day of Theory, Yoga, Group Processing, Art making and Psychodrama.  Add value to your current efforts and help yourself and clients reach deeply held non-linear implicit knowing/ memories to work with.  This 4 hour  EXPERIENTIAL ceu workshop  held in Dallas, offers skill building tools:

  • Understand the theory of artistic expression

    in the context of finding unconscious material that may be influencing behaviors- Implicit Memories

  • Experience embodied movement to warm up latent material within muscular memory.
  • Engage in ‘somatry’ to indicate hot/cold areas of assessment using mindfulness, physical dynamics and personal space.
  • Apply several techniques to explore personal well-being, personal growth and/or within the treatment of psychotherapy with any population
  • $75 ($ 78 on paypal to cover fee) * reduced fee for the first presentation – please identify workshop title, your e-mail, phone number and name       LIMITED SPACE    Click Here:  PAYPAL      4 hr ceu:  SW, LPC,  LMFT,  RYT    Oct.  26, 2019    Noon – 4pm

Trainer: Tzivia Stein-Barrett, LCSW, E-RYT, CP is in private practice and has been facilitating workshops professionally for several years.  She uses humor, spontaneity and relevant information to train and advocate for the use of Yoga practices and Psychodrama in Mental Health.  Tzivia is on the Board of Directors of DFW Free Day of Yoga; she is a volunteer therapist for Trauma Support Services of North Texas; she also offers Yoga & Expressive Therapy to Trauma and Military units in an in-patient setting.


Past Classes:

ALTERNATE FRIDAY NIGHTS –  YOGA SUPPORT GROUP for  Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Stressors  Exploring subtle realities of sensation, thought and reactions.  We operate out of habits from programs of the mind… that stop working (for some reason).  These practices give you tools to manage stuck emotions,  worry, and fears.  Recurring actions that get you to the same place.   Embrace release,  rest and safekeeping to curiously develop optional living scenarios.  Reducing anxious stress through Yoga, Journaling, Drama and Education.   $25/class – medical savings plan/ flexible spending can apply. contact:  for short consultation and more information.

A BODY OF KNOWLEDGE -FRIDAY mornings 10am – 12pmWomen’s support group exploring skills and practices to reduce Stress and Anxiety.  Expressive therapies including Yoga, Movement, Art, Writing, and Drama help to explore subtle realities of sensation, thought and reactions, as well as build skills.   These practices and education, give you tools to manage stuck emotions,  worry, and fears.   $100 for the series – medical savings plan/ flexible spending can  for short consultation and more information.  $ 100 ($110) on paypal to cover fee) please identify workshop title, your e-mail, phone number and name       LIMITED SPACE    Click Here:  PAYPAL

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