YamaDramaYoga CEU Academy

YamaDramaYoga CEU Academy 

Offering CEU workshops in the use of Yoga & Psychodrama in Health Care

Samskara YamaDramaYoga Certificate – TBA

Now Constructing Curriculum for Basics in History, Philosophies of Pschodrama & Yoga, Yoga Postures, Role Theory, Psychodrama Method & Production, Chakra\ Energy Anatomy, Kosha Model, Sociometry, Mantra & Nudras, Yoga Sequencing & Breathing for Outcomes . . . And More.

This training is specifically for professionals in the clinical mental health\ recovery field, and yoga therapists who do not want a full certification for a registered yoga teacher or Board Certified Psychodramatist, at this juncture in their careers.

This training is taught through supervised experimental learning supported by reading and written assignments. Their aim of this type o learning is for you to come to know the theoretical and practical aspects of the psychodramatic and therapeutic yoga methods through your experience. It involves both personal development and skills training.

Training sessions involve mini lectures, demonstrations, supervises practice and group interaction. You will also learn from applying these concepts and skills in your work and personal life. It is expected that you will attend all sessions and complete the reading, written assignments and other relevant tasks.

Minimum requirement for a Samskara YamaDramYoga Certification is 90% attendance and completion of 90% assignments.

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